Office of the State Comptroller
Retirement Services Division


Retirement Service Credit

To use this benefit estimator, you will need to know or approximate the length of your Vesting and Credited Service.

Vesting Service:
  • Vesting Service is used to satisfy the various TIER II/IIA eligibility requirements
  • Vesting Service Includes:
    • All periods of paid state employment, not succeeded by a permanent break
    • Periods of creditable workers’ compensation
    • Properly documented voluntary leave taken after 6/9/94
    • Periods of severance from state service of less than 12 months
    • Certain periods of additional service, which may include:
      • prior military service, or
      • qualifying and properly documented leaves of absence without pay for military service, educational leave, and family or personal medical leave.
  • Vesting Service is not adjusted for part-time service.
Credited Service:
  • Credited Service is used to calculate the amount of your Tier II/IIA benefit
  • Credited Service Includes:
    • All of your vesting service except:
      • Periods of severance from state service of less than 12 months
      • Job related educational leaves
  • If you have worked part-time, your Credited Service must be adjusted to reflect the percentage of a full-time schedule you actually worked.
  • If you have been continuously employed with no part-time service, no leaves of absence, and no periods of purchased or additional service, your service credit total should be the same under both of these measurements.
Part-Time Service:
  • If you have had part-time service, you should know that:
    • your part-time service will be treated as full-time service when determining your eligibility to retire (Vesting Service).
    • your retirement income will be calculated to produce a benefit which reflects the portion of a full-time schedule you worked throughout your state employment (Credited Service).
  • Example:
    • Let’s assume a member worked part-time at 50% of a full-time schedule for 10 years:
      • For determining eligibility, we will use 10 years.
      • However, when calculating the benefit percentage, we will use 5 years (the full-time equivalent of working 50% of full-time for 10 years).
Further details can be found in the on-line Tier II / IIA Workshop and Summary Plan Description.