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VSS/eSupplier Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you cannot resolve the problem with these answers, please contact the VSS/eSupplier Help Desk by email  with VSS in the subject line or by phone 860-702-3400.

How can I get access to VSS/eSupplier?

On the OSC Vendor Resources webpage, click the box labeled Set Up Your Vendor Self-Serve Account which will take you to the Vendor Self-Serve Contact Form. Fill out the application as completely as possible. If you need clarification on what a field means click the "What's this?" link. If you have additional questions please contact the helpdesk for guidance. A representative will be in contact with you via email or phone to complete the process. You will not be able to log in until you have received notification from an OSC representative that your account is active.

When I sign into VSS/eSupplier, my menu shows eProcurement; not the normal menu.

You were probably timed-out of your original session and didn't go back to the correct page to sign back in. Close out and use the link on the OSC Vendor Resources webpage to sign in again.

I entered my invoice number in the Invoice number field and no results came up.

Please review training materials provided or contact the VSS/eSupplier Help Desk.

I entered my User ID and password correctly and I still get the error message "Your User ID and/or Password are invalid."

Both the User ID and Password are case sensitive. Ensure that you entered both using the proper case. If you use the number pad on your keyboard, ensure that "Num Lock" is on for any numeric values in your User ID and / or Password.

What do I do if my password has expired?

Core-CT passwords will expire every 90 days. We recommend that you change your password prior to expiration using the "Change My Password" option in the eSupplier main menu navigation. If it has already expired you will need to click on the "Log In to Change Password" link and follow instructions to change an expired password.

The link to the login screen always gives me an error when I click on it. How do I fix this?

You need to have added to your trusted sites list. If you belong to a large company you may have to allow your firewall set up to access our site. Try one of these solutions:
Individuals - Internet Explorer go to Tools, Internet Options, Security Tab, Click on Trusted Sites, and then click the Sites button. Enter and hit Add.
Companies - Have your IT department look at the following resolution steps. 1. CoreCT.CT.GOV will resolve to in DNS 2. Firewall allows HTTPS protocol on port 10100 to/from 3. If a proxy server is used, make sure HTTPS traffic is not restricted to port 443 

On the Invoice screen the Scheduled Pay Date field Says last week and I still haven't received my payment. What happened to my payment?

The invoice screen allows you to see items that the agency has entered but may still be in the process of approving. The Scheduled Pay Date you see in the system is an estimate of when the payment might be made. Holidays, invoicing or purchase order problems, vacations, or other scenarios may arise which push a payment past its scheduled date. Only use the Payment Date from the Payments inquiry to tell when funds are actually paid. If you have questions about a delayed payment you can contact the agency directly by going to the Accounts Payable link on the OSC Vendor Resources webpage and scrolling down to find the agency contact name, phone number, and email address.

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